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Blue Waters Kayak
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Experience the thrill of the Great Outdoors

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Join our AdventureOn club and get access to special discounts, locations, activities, events, and gear that are exclusive to our members! 

A Better Way to Adventure


Exclusive Membership Rewards

  • Local discounts and events

  • Like-minded communities

  • Chances to win free gear


Curated Adventures

  • Find the best spots

  • Save time

  • Get outside more

Why You'll Love Getting Outside With Us

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Ever want a better way to find something new? We deliver adventures, trusted information, advice and more. Let us help you have fun today.



Looking for special deals for your next adventure? With your AdventureOn membership, you'll get special discounts on all kinds of outdoor activities and gear.

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Need to find some fun and peace in nature? Get a digital detox with us. Get out with your people and have a great time at our local events and parties.

Start Adventuring Today!

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Find all kinds of awesome adventures near you. From hiking to biking, kayaking, zip lining and more, we help you find it all!

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