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10 Unique Things To Do In The Texas Hill Country

Outdoor Adventures You Have To Try In The Hill Country

Whether you’re a local, or visiting the Texas Hill Country for the first time, you’ll quickly discover that this popular segment of the Lone Star State is home to countless outdoor adventures. It’s easy to picture camping in the gorgeous landscape, or lacing up your hiking boots and hitting some trails.

But did you know there are lots of unique (and sometimes under the radar) Hill Country activities that you’ll rarely see in other places? The vast and diverse landscape in the heart of Texas makes it the perfect environment for adventure.

Here are 10 unique things to do in the Texas Hill Country that you may not expect!

Lake Travis Zipline + Water Obstacle Course

The Lake Travis Zipline is one of the most unique things to do in the Texas Hill Country. As the longest and fastest zipline in Texas, it’s an exhilarating thrill-ride over the stunning lake view. The Lake Travis Zipline offers a world class tour of 5 different ziplines, perfect for people of all ages.

Lake Travis also levels up the adventure with a revolutionary floating waterpark and intense obstacle course! You can test your agility on over 2 football fields of pulse-pounding courses, all while basking in the setting of Lake Travis.

It’s a Hill Country experience you can’t miss.


One of the most exciting ways to experience the Hill Country’s beautiful waterbodies is on an eFoil. It’s an innovative twist on a surfboard that will have you gliding over the surface of the water, and you don’t even need wind to power it.

Gather your water-loving friends or family and spend a sunny day cruising on an eFoil! There are lots of services throughout the Hill Country, such as eFoil Austin, that will let you rent eFoils, and will even provide instruction for beginners.

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is a stunning waterbody and recreational area near San Antonio that is full of unique outdoor adventure opportunities. Its attractions include the Canyon Lake Gorge, Natural Bridge Caverns, boating, and the Whitewater Amphitheater.

To top it all off, Canyon Lake and the surrounding area provides excellent fishing opportunities for avid fisherman and beginners alike.


Looking for a jolt of adrenaline? Skydiving is probably the biggest rush there is! The bold, open skies over the Texas Hill Country make an outstanding environment to leap into a parachute adventure.

There are several skydiving services located in the Hill Country with glowing reviews, such as Skydive Skylark located in Killeen (about an hour north of Austin). Is there a more wild feeling than soaring through the clouds? We doubt it!

Hot Air Balloons

If you’re looking for a more peaceful way to experience the Texas skies, there’s nothing better than a hot air balloon ride. Even if you’re not up for floating over the central Texas countryside, hot air balloons are beautiful to watch, and make a fun photo op!

There are several fantastic hot air balloon services near Austin and throughout the Texas Hill Country, including Air Carriage Over Texas and Austin Aeronauts Hot Air Balloons. If you’ve ever craved a bird’s eye view, this is it!

Helicopter Rides/Tours

Like hot air balloons, helicopter rides and tours are another unique way to experience the Texas Hill Country from the eyes of a bird. Services like San Antonio Hill Country Helicopter Tours, ATX Heli Tours, and Austin Helicopter Tours, will have you feeling like an eagle soaring over the Hill Country’s scenic beauty.

While a helicopter tour is among the more expensive experiences on our list, it’s well worth it for any Hill Country adventurer craving an aerial view!

Horseback Riding

Is there any outdoor adventure more classically “Texas” than horseback riding? Not a chance! And the Texas Hill Country has lots of awesome horseback riding trails and opportunities.

Horseback riding services include Hill Country Equestrian Lodge, Juniper Hill Stables, Travis P Trail Rides, Dixie Dude Ranch, among many others. The wide range of options here in Central Texas offer opportunities for riders of any skill level, from beginners to experts, so don’t hesitate to plan a horseback ride!

Krause Springs

Re-opening in February, 2023, Krause Springs is known as one of the most magical outdoor recreation spots anywhere in the Texas Hill Country. Located about 30 miles west of Austin, Krause Springs is a stunning spot for camping and hiking, and is also among the best swimming holes in the region.

Visitors can enjoy splashing in the springs, and admiring a view of majestic trees, teeming wildlife, and gorgeous flowers! In addition to the 32 springs, you can also take a peaceful walk through Krause Springs’ Butterfly Gardens, and let yourself recharge from the busyness and bustle of everyday life.

Longhorn Cavern

Less than 90 minutes from Austin, Longhorn Cavern is one of the coolest things to do in the Texas Hill Country. This incredible, natural cavern, located in the heart of Longhorn Cavern State Park, is a fun adventure for the whole family.

You can enjoy the eye-popping views of the cave from one of the trails in the park! Whether you’re a Hill Country local or a visitor from out-of-state, this underground hideout should be on your activity list.

Ghost Tours

In the mood for something a little spooky? The Texas Hill Country is home to some chilling ghost tours! Lots of ghostly guided experiences like Curious Twins Paranormal and Ghost Tours, Bad Wolf Ghost Tours, Haunted ATX, Fredericksburg Tours, LLC, and many others, offer spine-tingling experiences for various age ranges.

A Hill Country ghost tour offers a wicked good time that concocts a taste of history with a dash of haunted fun. Try it out (if you dare)!

Experience Texas!

There’s no shortage of exciting and unique things to do in the Texas Hill Country, and if you’re like us, it’s probably calling your name! At the our mission is to connect people with amazing outdoor experiences. You know, the kinds of experiences that often shape our lives, even aspects of who we are!

We love trying new things, going on new adventures, and unearthing opportunities to explore. If you want to find more outdoor activities like the ones we’ve shared, join our AdventureOn club! We have our eye on a wide range of adventuring opportunities and events that we’re constantly sharing with our members. See you out there!


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